Why Use Solar Tinting on Residential Windows?

If you have windows you have fading. A statement we often hear is “I wish I had thought of tinting years ago before my family photos, paintings, or furnishings had faded so badly.” It’s never too late to tint your windows and now is as good a time as any.

The films used by Northbay Window Tinting will cut the harmful ultra violet rays by 99%. The ultra violet rays are the biggest cause of fading and sun damage. Adding solar film to your windows can create a high level of defense against the ultra violet rays and give relief from glare and heat. Most films we use for residential tinting are so subtle in appearance you will hardly realize that the windows have been treated with a tint. You will be able to enjoy your rooms much better once the glare and heat have been reduced and you have the peace of mind to know you have protection against fading.

You have laid out a large expense for wooden blinds or draperies and these fine window enhancements are taking the most abuse from the sun because they are right in the window. Solar film can help these window coverings last much longer by protecting the blind cord, wood, and expensive fabrics from breaking down.

Solar films can also give a higher level of daytime privacy when needed and if you are running air conditioning during the summer months you can reduce your energy bills significantly.

The Process

We take the extra time to assure that your home and valuables are protected while we are in the process of applying the tint. The process of applying the film is a very clean operation. There are no harsh chemical smells because the solution we use to clean the glass and apply the film is simply a water and baby shampoo concoction. The adhesive is odorless and already attached to the film. The adhesive is exposed when we remove the clear backing sheet and then we spray it down with the H2O and shampoo solution. We make sure that the floors adjacent to the windows being filmed are covered with tarps and the window seals are covered with towels to capture any excess moisture. After we finish, the inside of your windows will be cleaner than they have ever been. The outside is up to you or your window cleaner.

Northbay Window Tinting is a licensed contractor and we carry the proper Liability and Workers Comprehension Insurance, so you can feel safe to have us working inside your home.


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